In this page you will see videos created through my college years and career. I participated actively in the production area as a freelancer. Also I have worked as video editor in most of the college projects and as a professional video editors. As a freelancer, I worked with Luna Films in Puerto Rico doing production, camera assistant and sound person for important clients such as Kraft Foods, Triple S, MCS, Festival Casals and others. For around 2 years I worked as photojournalist and video editor in an Online & mobile news media.


ARQPoli Teaser (Summer Camp 2014)

Video Content: ©2014 Univ. Politécnica de P.R.

Departament: Arquitechture

Video Editing: Brenda Soto

Análisis de un Proceso Farmacéutico

Video Content: ©2015 Univ. Politécnica de P.R.

Departament: Industrial Engineering & CEDUP

Camera: Brenda Soto & Idamarie Lozada

Boom Operator: Joel D. Rivera

Video Editing: Brenda Soto